Lemongrass Cymbopogon citratus Other Names lemon grass, barbed wire grass, silky heads, citronella grass (See Citronella C. nardus), cha de Dartigalongue, fever grass Family Poaceae (The Grass Family) Etymology C. citratus gets its name from the fragrant, lemon scent found in the long grass-like leaves Photochemistry Citronellol. Myrcene. Citral (70-85% volatile oil) Gerniol. High in silica like … Read more

Black Pepper

Black Pepper Piper nigrum Other Names Green Pepper, White Pepper Family Piperaceae (The Pepper Family)  Etymology Old English: pipor, from the early West Germanic borrowing from the Latin “piper”, from the Greek “piperi” probably borrowed from the Persian from the Middle Indic “pippari” from the Sanskrit “pippali”. Pepper from pappali has not drastically changed in … Read more

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