Chocolate Peppermint & Rosemary

                This massage bar is perfect for every day or every night spa moment.
The scent is of refreshing peppermint and invigorating rosemary leaves.
Sure to be the favorite part of your self-care routine.

Roses & Chamomile

Bringing hearty roses, soft chamomile, and calming lavender flowers,
this massage bar is perfect for anyone who wants a bouquet of
red, red roses to massage into their dry skin.

Juicy Pomegranate

Sweet and fruity, and refreshing like a summer punch.
Sacred to the underworld goddess Persephone, pomegranates are dark, delightful, and juicy.
Use our amazing cocoa and mango butter based massage bars to moisturize any part of your body.

After Shower Body Truffles
3 for $4.00

Perfect for that little moment of self-care and luxury after every shower.
Made to be strong enough to handle the driest of skin but gentle on the most sensitive of skin.
Fragrance-free. Naturally honey scented. Great for a personal massage and care.