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Leo Oil


Strong, Imposing. Bold. Solid frankincense and cassia bark hold the scents softwoods and spices this oil plays with. Just like a commanding Leo, the spices bring draw the scenes to attention. Oranges and petitgrain play with the mind. This is an oil sure to delight anyone seeking a bright and expansive adventure.

Keywords: Passionate, Warm-Hearted, Self-Centered
Ruling Planet:
The Sun
Exulted Planet
: No Exulted Planet
1st: Sun
2nd: Jupiter
3rd: Mars
Planetary Fall: None
Detriment: Saturn

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Scent Profile: Frankincense, bold citrus and warm Cassia

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Frankincense*, Scotch  Pine*†, Nutmeg*†, Juniper Berry*†, Orange*†, Petitgrain*†, Cassia*†, Chamomile†, Vitamin E Oil *Essential Oil †Organic

No parabens. No Fillers or Preservatives. Gluten-Free. Cruelty-free. 100% vegan. 1/4 fl. oz. (4.7 g)

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