Holy Oil


This simple anointing oil for all your spiritual needs. This oil was made as an all-purpose invocation oil and treated with the utmost respect. A subtle blend of resins, woods, and oils, this scent practically calls out to the gods from the bottle. With the solar (Frankincense), lunar (Myrrh), and a perfumed earthy scent (Sandalwood), this oil blends the great cosmic powers of the heaven and earth. One of Stephanie’s favorite oils.

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Scent Profile: Blessed resins and sacred perfumes

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Frankincense*, Labdanum*†, Myrrh*, Benzoin Absolute, Sandalwood*, Vitamin E Oil *Essential Oil †Organic

No parabens. No Fillers or Preservatives. Gluten-Free. Cruelty-free. 100% vegan. 1/4 fl. oz. (7.4 g)

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Weight .6 oz
Dimensions .6 × .6 × 2.7 in


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