Swamp Witch Stephanie

Ensorcelled Skin Care
Swamp Witch Stephanie started in late 2018 as a small line of magical anointing oils. Where similar products no ingredients, here at SWS we are committed to transparency, education, and sustainability. Our oils have always had traditional ingredients and balanced with natural perfumery techniques. With over 50 different anointing, conjure, and magical oils Swamp Witch Stephanie is quickly becoming the name to know in the magical community.

In 2020 Stephanie stepped into the world of personal and self-care products with massage bars, after shower body truffles, soaps infused with soothing clays and muds, and bath salt and clay soaks, and mud masks. A commitment to keeping hygiene and care products clear of fillers, parabens, and other unnecessary ingredients is - and has always been - a cornerstone of the Swamp Witch Stephanie brand. In addition to having 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging, we attempt to keep our ingredients as close to home as possible. This means Minnesota grown beeswax and sunflower oils
Swamp Witch Stephanie is the drag persona of Markus Ironwood. When not applying a touch of eyeshadow or a splash of highlighter, Markus has spent the last decade and a half studying and practicing American Folklore, the Western Occult tradition, British and American Witchcraft, and historical herbalism. With his knowledge of magic, astrology, folklore, and natural perfumery, Markus/Stephanie has created a line of products that take you from the bathroom to your sacred space and into a relaxing evening filled with spa-like experience.
Blessed Be the Journey
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